DAY 7: What we did yesterday without a car

Paul played hooky from work, and we experienced Houston art, food and adult beverages.

  1. Visited art galleries in Montrose and Midtown.
Pig Stand No. 7. Courtesy of Amy C. Evans and Koelsch Gallery.
“Material Expressions” is an exhibit by artist Laura Splan. 

We loaded our bikes on the No. 56 bus and got off at Richmond, then rode four blocks to the Koelsch Gallery. Artist Amy Evans explained her “My Houston II” series. If you’ve lived in Houston a long time, you’ll appreciate her fun, nostalgic work. We hopped back on our bikes and rode to Capsule Gallery on Main Street, where we saw the innovative work of Brooklyn artist Laura Splan. The gallery tours were organized by Looking at Art, which puts together tours of local art galleries and artist studios.

  1. Had lunch at Natachee’s. From Capsule Gallery, we rode two blocks to Natachees’s for lunch. It’s a great place for weekday lunch and weekend brunch, and it’s right on the rail line. Don’t miss the fried pickles!
  1. Take that, millennials. We earned it.

    Got our Senior Q cards at METRO. We put our bikes on the train and rode to the transit center downtown. As official senior citizens (age 65), we qualify for even better bus and rail fares. We can now ride for 60 cents. Woo–hoo! What a bargain!

  1. Went back to Natachee’s. This had something to do with Paul needing to retrieve his credit card (again!) from a restaurant. I think he was just excited to ride the train at his new senior rate.
  1. Headed for home. We took the train to the Preston station and rode our bikes toward the White Oak Bayou trail to go home. But wait, there’s more!
  1. How could we not stop?

    Detoured to Saint Arnold brewery. The bike trail goes very close to Houston’s oldest craft brewer. It was such a nice day that we had to stop. I highly recommend their White Noise beer. It’s a seasonal beer, so get some now! P.S. We had just a wee bit of beer. No riding tipsy.

  1. Rode home on the bike trail. It was a beautiful day and a very pleasant ride home.

We did not miss a car at all.


  1. What a great day! We don’t do that much running around with a car! Glad to see you are enjoying some of the great sounds and tastes that Houston has to offer. Too many folks let that go unnoticed.
    Congrats to the Metro and bike groups that have made that possible.

  2. Wow ❗I did not know that u could get ur bike on a bus. Can u do it on all or just some❓It certainly looks like fun.

  3. I’m so impressed by what you two are doing and very appreciative of all the details for those of us who may do this someday in the future. So far it looks both feasible and fun!

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