Day 9: Highs and Lows of Our First Car-free Week

How much did we miss the car? Zero. Nada. It was a great start to our carless adventure.

Yes, it took longer to get places, but we felt more connected to the world around us. After last weekend’s freezing temps, we got in some fun and productive trips by bike, bus and rail. We’re learning a lot.

Our friend Vivian works in the Texas Medical Center. She moved apartments last year to be near the bus line.

Highs of the Week

  1. Our first big multimodal adventure. We traveled by bus, rail and bike.
  2. Putting the bike on the bus. After putting it off for months, Paul got up his nerve. It was easy.
  3. Getting our METRO Senior Q cards. Don’t hate us, millennials. Our bus and rail fares are now 60 cents!
  4. Downtown lunch with Vivian. A METRO rider since she was 16, she gave us some good tips.
  5. A friend’s first Uber ride. Yes, he is still talking to us.

Lows of the Week

  1. Standing at the bus stop in 37 degrees with a 20 mph wind. We hugged a lot to stay warm, so maybe it wasn’t so bad. No, Stephanie tells me it was pretty awful. Tried to pretend we were in Chicago.

    Can you not tell I don’t want my picture taken?
  2. Getting so engrossed in a book that you miss your bus. The driver didn’t see Stephanie sitting at the enclosed stop. Wouldn’t it be nice if (1) all bus stops were enclosed and (2) you could push a button at the stop or send a text to inform the next driver there’s someone waiting at the stop?
  3. Stephanie getting her picture taken way more than she wanted.

The Deets

By walking, biking and taking buses and rail vs. solo driving, 34.61 lbs of CO2 was not emitted.

We traveled 106.2 miles. Here’s how it went:

Walking: 5.5 miles

Bus/Rail: 65.1 miles

Bike: 33.1 miles

Uber: 2.5 miles

The bus/rail miles include walking to and from transit stops. We had intended to track our travel time vs. predicted driving times (Google Maps). It got a little messy. We may add that to future reports. This first report covers eight days. Future reports will measure seven days.

Watch for our weekly report every Sunday. Until then, happy trails.