DAY 23: Our third car-free week was just sick

Illnesses curtailed our travel, but we still managed seven ways of travel that didn’t require owning a car.

In three days last week, Stephanie took rail and an airport shuttle bus, and hailed several Ubers and a cab. I walked, rode my bike, took the bus and rode in a friend’s car.

Highs of the Week

  1. We lived. (See related lows #1 and #2.) CVS is a 4-minute bike ride from our house.
  2. Stephanie mastered getting around DC. Her travel on Washington D.C.’s highly touted rail line was fast and convenient.
  3. Bus ride to KUHF studios. I took METRO to the UH campus to see Chris Thile, the new host of Prairie Home Companion.
  4. Grocery shopping via bus and bike. Sprouts beat out Kroger for the best bike rack of the week.

Lows of the Week

  1. Stephanie got sicker. Her excursion to our nation’s capital put her shingles outbreak into hyper drive. She hasn’t left the house since last Tuesday. (She is improving, though.)
  2. I caught our daughter’s cold.
  3. We watched 17 episodes of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. We were too weak to wrestle the remote from our daughter.

The Deets

We traveled 168.9 miles. Here’s how it went:

Walking: 6.1 miles

Bus/Rail: 103.8 miles

Bike: 10.1 miles

Uber: 28 miles

Cab: 15.7 miles

Car: 2.2 miles

Shuttle: 3 miles

By walking, biking and taking buses/rail instead of driving solo in a car, 32.9 lbs of CO2 was not emitted.

Photo credit: ‘This one runs on fat & saves you money’ by Peter Drew of Adelaide by Carlton Reid, licensed under CC 2.0

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