DAY 30: Our fourth car-free week was mostly super

It was great seeing Houston in the spotlight this week. The awesome weather made it a fun week for bike transportation.

Stephanie is recovering slowly from a nasty shingles outbreak, so most of the travel this week was mine. Sparky the Dog is thrilled that Stephanie is feeling well enough to return as lead human.

Highs of the Week

  1. Bus trip to Discovery Green. I experienced Super Bowl LIVE. Very proud of Houston.
  2. Stephanie carpooled to Friday morning coffee. Friends took the highly medicated Stephanie out in public. No reports of drooling.
  3. Rode my bike downtown. I was a BikeHouston bike valet at Super Bowl LIVE and met Rose Nolen.
  4. Biking to art/carpooling to art. Got to see the work of artists Tara Conley and Adela Andea.
  5. Grocery shopping by bike. Recorded a personal best of carrying 27 lbs. of food on my bike.

Lows of the Week

  1. The death of Marjorie Corcoran, 66. The Rice University physics and astronomy professor was struck by a METRO rail train on Friday as she rode her bicycle toward campus.

The Deets

It was a slow travel week, just 94.1 miles. Here’s how it went:

Walking: 2.1 miles

Bus/Rail: 11.4 miles

Bike: 50.5 miles

Uber: 18.2 miles

Car: 11.9 miles

We incurred no costs from the week’s private car trip (driven by friends). Bicycles and their upkeep cost something. We’re using $1 for every day the bike is used. By walking, biking and taking the bus instead driving a car, 29.1 lbs of CO2 were not emitted.

One comment

  1. #MondayMotivation – Really nice capture of your week and thanks for sharing. I’m so behind on email and personal reading time due to my Hou Super Bowl Host Committee activities, but I’m churning through the never ending list. Today, was my first free day in a long time and for once I profoundly declared last night I was exhausted, yet it was an awesome career development and volunteer experience ever. You’re definitely a strong advocate for BikeHouston. #inspiration

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